Nuovo decennio, nuovi ritorni.

A tre anni da No Shape riabbracciamo anche Perfume Genius, che pubblicherà il nuovo album Set My Heart On Fire Immediately il prossimo 15 maggio su Matador Records. Mike Hadreas ha descritto così questo nuovo album:

I wanted to feel more open, more free and spiritually wild, and I’m in a place now where those feelings are very close – but it can border on being unhinged. I wrote these songs as a way to be more patient, more considered – to pull at all these chaotic threads hovering around me and weave them in to something warm, thoughtful and comforting.

Ad accompagnare l’annuncio c’è il primo singolo (con relativo video) Describe. Ascoltate qui:

Set My Heart On Fire Immediately:

1. Whole Life
2. Describe
3. Without You
4. Jason
5. Leave
6. On the Floor
7. Your Body Changes Everything
8. Moonbend
9. Just a Touch
10. Nothing At All
11. One More Try
12. Some Dream
13. Borrowed Light