Dopo la pubblicazione del quinto disco in studio Miss Anthropocene (di cui qui trovate la nostra recensione), Grimes ha proposto ai propri fan tramite un post sul suo account Instagram di collaborare ad una parte del videoclip legato alla canzone You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around, pubblicando la prima parte ed un press kit da utilizzare (e che potete scaricare qui), dove si possono trovare i file audio e video necessari.

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So hoping some of these things are of use when the days are long and lonely.

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Quarantine Art Kit 🤍🩸🤍 Link in bio •we shot 5 of these greenscreen “lyric videos” so we could have visuals for the album (doing our regular intensive videos in my state didn’t seem super wise etc etc) •But obvs w delete forever we started messing around in post and making better stuff than we thought we could. •Anyhow – Because we’re all in lockdown we thought if people are bored and wanna learn new things, we could release the raw components of one of these for anyone who wants to try making stuff using our footage. 🪐🐖🪐 •In my bio is a we-transfer file with – the “you’ll miss me when I’m not around” greenscreen footage, some shorter snippets (might be easier to mess around with but feel free to cut up master file however, make gifs, whatevs). – stems for the song if you wanna mess around wit audio (and some native inst tools are included). + single art etc. – Starting April 8th Native Instruments is offering free 1 month subscription and/or $25 NI Store Voucher (TBC) for remixing and some other bonus audio stuff (like, One randomly selected participant will get Komplete 12) – We’re also working on securing free short term access to the visual tools we use (keep u posted). – So basically, just a bunch of tools for anyone who wants to use them 💕🎮 (This is how we made delete forever if your interested). •Anyway we were inspired by all the amazing art that gets sent our way, So hoping some of these things are of use when the days are long and lonely. •Anyway, I hope everybodies doing ok! _____________________ •Ps other tools we’ve enjoyed using are: – Blender (free online!) (And FYI – Blender can do all the compositing and tracking needed to make stuff ) – Adobe suite (for editing and stuff) – Daz 3D (what we use to make @Warnymph) – We’re always down for recommendations too if u guys have any

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