I Sonic Youth, ultimamente, hanno deciso di pubblicare tantissimo materiale sul loro profilo Bandcamp. Dopo aver rilasciato ben dodici live shows e Master-Dik, ep del 1987 che non era più disponibile in commercio, hanno aggiunto ora anche Hold That Tiger, raro album live registrato nel 1987.

Altro live dei Sonic Youth caricato su Bandcamp: si va nel 1987 ...

Qui lo statement della band che ha accompagnato la release:

FINALLY, PITCH AND TEMPO CORRECTED AUDIO OF THIS ALBUM! Originally released as a semi-official bootleg LP in 1991 by friend and music writer, Byron Coley, on his Goofin’ imprint (we would eventually hijack the Goofin’ moniker for our own band-run label a few years later). The recording was nearly 60-minutes in length, so to prevent manufacturing a cost-prohibitive double lp, the master was slightly sped-up to fit the entire concert (us blasting through a finely-tuned set of songs from Sister, EVOL and a nightly encore tribute to the Ramones), on one single lp. Cramming the grooves of the vinyl in such a way resulted in Hold That Tiger playing at a lower volume on the stereo, thus the “one hour long – don’t have a cow! – crank it up’ sticker affixed to the front of the original lp cover. A few years later in 1998, Hold That Tiger was remastered for CD re-issue. The audio quality was improved from the lower fidelity lp but unfortunately the slightly sped-up performance was not corrected – until today! We are pleased to make available the best-sounding version of Hold That Tiger via the Sonic Youth Archive on bandcamp.