Jon Hopkins sta per regalarci finalmente altra bella musica.
Arriverà la prossima settimana, infatti, un suo nuovo EP. Si intitola Piano Versions, uscirà per Domino Records il 16 aprile in formato digitale e il 2 luglio in vinile (vinile che si può già pre-ordinare).
Conterrà quattro brani; quattro cover ambient, con protagonista assoluto il piano, di canzoni di Roger e Brian Eno, Luke Abbott, James Yorkston e Thom Yorke.

Jon Hopkins presenta così l’EP:

Piano Versions is four minimal, ambient piano covers of songs I have loved for a long time that come from very different places. It seems to me that melody is universal and the ones that I really connect to shine out irrespective of genre or context, whether from techno, folk or whatever. I loved the simplicity of having my old upright piano be the centre of a whole record for the first time. But the importance of letting the outside world into the recordings is as present for me as ever, so there are layers of incidental noise, bird song, the sound of someone washing up in the studio kitchen – whatever was going on outside my room is included and even accentuated. I want people to hear not just the recordings but to feel how it felt to be there and make them. It was a deep experience.

Insieme all’annuncio del nuovo EP, il nostro Jon ha condiviso anche uno dei brani: si tratta per l’esattezza di Wintergreen, brano di Roger e Brian Eno.

Piano Versions tracklist:

1. Dawn Chorus (Thom Yorke)
2. Heron (James Yorkston)
3. Modern Driveway (Luke Abbott)
4. Wintergreen (Roger e Brian Eno)