A meno di un anno della pubblicazione dell’album di debutto Dogrel, i Fontaines D.C. hanno reso noto di aver terminato le registrazioni del sophomore, che si ispira ai suoni dei Beach Boys.

Carlos O’Connell, chitarrista della band, ha dichiarato nell’ultimo numero di LongLiveVinyl:

We did it all in October. That’s been my real favourite moment of 2019, making the new record. I don’t know how we’ve found time to do it all, but we have. We’ve made it in LA, as this record is a lot more influenced by The Beach Boys, so we wanted to go to California.

These songs are much more considered, in the details of the song arrangements. The new record is very different, both musically and lyrically. It’s strayed a lot from being based in a time and a place. We don’t have that experience anymore, because we aren’t just based in one place ands time.

There’s a dreamlike atmosphere to the new record, as that’s what this year has felt like. The record feels like a dream that sometimes goes into nightmares and fairytales. It’s been a very up-and-down year. There’s been no time for any break, so it’s been madness at times and we’ve felt quite lost. But it’s been magical as well.

In attesa di saperne di più,sul sito dei Fontaines D.C. e su quello della Rough Trade sono disponibili un’esclusiva versione in vinile rosso di Dogrel e un altro vinile intitolato Darklands Versions, che contiene diversi singoli registrati a Darklands, Dublino e B-side inediti.