Dopo la pubblicazione del nuovo album Green To Gold, gli Antlers re-immaginano e re-inventano quattro brani del loro ultimo lavoro nel nuovo EP Losing Light.

A sette anni da Familiars, con nel mezzo una lunga pausa annunciata e qualche esperimento da solista di Peter Silberman, la band statunitense vuole rimettere le lancette del tempo indietro di qualche anno e ridare luce ad un discorso indie-strappalacrime che sembra essersi perso se non per qualche rara eccezione. Del resto stanno arrivando la neve e le lucine e i canti per papà natale.

Queste le parole del frontman della band sul concept dell’EP:

How would these songs sound if they were being reconstituted from memory 50 years from now, after decades of technological evolution, alongside analog and digital degradation? I began to consider how we reconstruct the past once we’re many years removed from it, with only scattered, decaying artifacts to reference. Following this premise of Green to Gold as if remembered from the distant future, we began to reassemble pieces of several songs in different iterations—the earliest versions and demos, pieces of the album versions, and newly-created recordings. To bring them all into the same world, we processed each of these elements in ways that would repeatedly age them backwards and forwards, as if being blasted into the past, then flung into the future.