Metti un paio di scarpe comode e preparati a ballare perché sono tornati i Jungle.

Lo avevano annunciato poco tempo fa con il classico teaser su Instagram ed oggi possiamo godercelo tutto. Si chiama Keep Moving ed è una bella bombetta fresca con l’ennesimo video coreografico che gli stessi Jungle descrivono così:

Our focus was to create a collection of visuals where we developed the narratives of the characters throughout the whole piece, giving the audience a chance to form more emotional connections to these inspiring people. We had always been inspired by West Side Story and the idea of two groups working together and in opposition at times. We worked closely with two of the best up and coming choreographers in London, Nathaniel Williams and Cece Nama, who both have their own distinct styles. The fusing of these two styles created a whole new approach for us where style and movement could be fluid.

Il brano è la prima anticipazione del nuovo album Loving in Stereo che uscirà il 13 agosto e che puoi già preordinare qui.

Questa la tracklist di Loving in Stereo:

1. Dry Your Tears
2. Keep Moving
3. All of the Time
4. Romeo featuring Bas
5. Lifting You
6. Bonnie Hill
7. Fire
8. Talk About It
9. No Rules
10. Truth
11. What D’You Know About Me?
12. Just Fly, Don’t Worry
13. Goodbye My Love featuring Priya Ragu
14. Can’t Stop the Stars

Di seguito puoi vedere e ballare il videoclip di Keep Moving.