L’etichetta Sapling Records ha intenzione di sfruttare il rilancio della musica in vinile per scopi ambientali.

Si tratta di una nuova etichetta discografica che opera nell’ambito della drum ‘n’ bass e dell’ambient fondata da Oliver Peryman, alias Fis.

Il progetto è stato sviluppato in partnership con Eden Project, associazione no profit che si occupa – appunto – di reforestazione, piantando ogni anno migliaia di alberi, grazie a donazioni e fondazioni.

Questa la lettera aperta scritta di proprio pugno dal producer neozelandese e con la quale dichiara l’impegno della propria etichetta in questo ambizioso e verde progetto:

Hello folks hope all’s good,

Oliver / Fis here,

I’m stoked to put word out on a new label(ish) thing of mine. It’s called Saplings, we won’t do vinyl or CD, instead our ‘physical’ format will be the planting of trees, in partnership with Eden Projects.

With Eden’s help, Saplings can plant a hundred trees (maybe even more) for each sale of an album and about half that for EP sized stuff, all at standard digital prices. So the potential for instant and sizable impact is there, even just 10 album sales means at least a thousand trees. In light of that I’m very keen to get moving.

Eventually we’ll do heirloom seed varieties too, but that’s taking a while to kick on as the supply side is diverse and fragmented.

The backdrop for Saplings is pretty straightforward. Climate change and habitat loss are some of many elephants in the room right now – as if we need further reminders – I’d rather focus on practical and tangible responses that bring us together. So I guess Saplings is attempting some kind of grounding mechanism, like an earthing rod, a conduit for musical energy to return to the planet. Whatever it is, I just hope this becomes a sustained contribution at the heart of things.

Obviously the more reforestation the better, and the more resilience in our plant communities the better. So if these thoughts resonate, if you can adopt, adapt or improve on it please reach out or just go for it. The partnerships and communities are out there and they’re ready for us. Our music does still sell (kind of…) so even modest uptake from our circles could quite easily mean millions of trees in the long run.

So that’s my two cents at this stage. Saplings’ first release will be an EP-ish thing from Rob Thorne and myself, out pretty soon. When the time comes, give Saplings/me/you/us/earth 40 trees ($4 US) and it’s yours :)

Cheers and warm regards,


Il primo passo, lo si può fare facendo un giro su Bandcamp e segnandosi l’indirizzo.