Lo scorso 13 gennaio The xx rilasciavano I See You, album che ha fatto storcere un po’ il naso ai primi fan ma che a noi è piaciuto.

Attualmente la band è in tour e in una recente intervista rilasciata all’australiano The CourierRomy Madley Croft ha dichiarato che gli xx hanno intenzione di rilasciare nuovo materiale e questa volta sarà techno:

We’ve got plans to release our techno tunes. We’ve loved having more upbeat music in our set. We’ve remixed ourselves, there’s some older songs that we now play at 120 bpm. People probably assume that Jamie brought the injection of dance music to the last album but in a way it’s funny because Oliver and I were inspired by what he was doing and when he got back he was actually the one who wanted to come in and slow it down.

Le produzioni meno recenti del trio di Wandsworth non sono state concepite per far scatenare le folle sul dancefloor, ma dall’ultimo tour in poi l’approccio della band al live è cambiato:

It’s a nice change to be able to make people dance at The xx’s shows and to see that range of emotions.

Tale cambiamento, in buona parte, lo si deve all’album solista di Jamie XX e come quest’ultimo, anche Romy sta progettando di realizzare il suo solo debut album:

I don’t know. It’s definitely not something I’m craving. I think with Jamie he makes so much music all the time, he’s always got his head in Pro-Logic on tour. He’s inspired me and I’m trying to get better at Pro-Logic. But at the moment I’m all in with the band.