Brandon Flowers continua a dare anticipazioni sul nuovo album, questa volta parlando delle lyrics che compongono il lavoro in uscita.

Parlando con NME prima del fantastico show ad Hyde Park, il frontman ha rivelato di essersi concentrato sulle sue esperienze personali nella stesura dei testi:

I’m turning it around. I’m turning the pen around on myself. I’m looking in the mirror on this record and focusing a lot on my own personal experiences. Instead of just drawing upon all these experiences and maybe using them in other songs, I am going straight for it with this and singing about my life and my family and that’s something different for me. Even ‘Mr Brightside’ was a personal song, or Read My Mind – these are songs I love to perform, tend to come from those real places. I really wanted to do that more on this record.

Riguardo a Battle Born, ultimo album della band americana accolto non benissimo dalla critica, ammette:

I think we were a little bit aimless on ‘Battle Born’. We were searching. You’re not always gonna find it, I mean we’re always trying, but you’re not always gonna touch what you’re reaching for and we didn’t quite get there – I don’t feel like. I don’t mean to take anything say from it, you know there are songs on it that I love, but just as a whole I wasn’t very happy with it.

Per Flowers perciò questo album rappresenta un punto di rottura:

This is the more tender side. I’m more bare than I’ve ever been. This record is just different. There’s a direction, and I think we got there. I hope that people recognise that and feel that. We still have two and a half months until it’s out.

Noi non vediamo l’ora di ascoltarlo.